Back to Mars

With music, you take eternity and put it into a moment.

My mission

Inspiring people through music and with my sets is my aim. Every time someone tells me I have inspired them to play, or to go for an exciting new direction in life, I feel like I've reached my goal.

Music style

I specialize in Forest and Night Psy, but also enjoy transcending boundaries with other styles like Dark Prog. My sets can be eclectic, at times moving between daytime and night music. 
As well as Psytrance, I explore Dark Minimal Techno and PsyTechno with my alias Marciana. 

What's more

Behind the scenes, I curate the music program of Trance Orient Express and Solstice Festival at Ruigoord, Amsterdam. This is an alternative artists' village and home to the famous church, where many parties happen. As well, I co-organize the Bom Voyage and dEEp events in Amsterdam with my husband.


4 May Marciana at dEEp PsyTech by Bom Voyage
LINE-UP: Marciana, TiM TASTE, Trilingo, Gino Lightner, Lucas Mees
LOCATION: Club Noordwaards, Amsterdam


* Largest public: 25,000 people at Boom Festival 2023.

* Almost 1 million plays on Soundcloud.

* More than 1,000 gigs over 22 years.

* Performed in 29 countries.


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Top Gigs

Great festivals where I've played are Boom, MoDem, Ozora and  Boomtown. If you're curious check my top list of gigs. 

DJ Tips

I know how difficult it can be to start a career in the DJ world, and I learned many things the hard way. Here are some tips that can help you get forward. 


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