DJ Tips & Tricks

Perhaps you have stage fright or wish to play music in front of people but don't dare. If you feel like you need to learn better ways to contact organizers, promote yourself, perform at gigs, and be calm to give your best performance to thousands of people in front of you, here are some DJ Tips to help you with your music journey.  

DJ Tip 1 - Keep Calm and Play

This is a DJ tip I found out early on, that taught me how to keep calm to perform well and play a good set.

DJ Tip 2: How to read the public and pick the best music

This DJ tip about how to read the public and pick the best music is a set of ideas you can use to increase your connection with the public. How you can create the perfect atmosphere for the conditions happening during your set to match the vibe from the crowd.

DJ TIP 3: How to mix on time

This DJ TIP is not quite what you might think. It’s not really about beat matching. It’s about timing both tracks so that they harmonize during the mix. Sounds confusing but interesting? Read on…